How This Amazon Leader Is Shaping the Future of Healthcare

At the top of Amazon’s AWS healthcare division is Phoebe Yang who has been spearheading the development of technology to work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as combating the virus itself. Part of her work has involved working alongside Houston Methodist Hospital that uses “...voice-activated technology and real-time data capture in operating and exam rooms to improve clinical efficiency and alleviate nursing and physician burnout”, according to an article from Fierce Healthcare. Voice and data technology is not a new field for Amazon, but it’s work in healthcare is only just recently breaking new ground, and not a moment too soon. 

When asked what she was most passionate about, Yang put the spotlight on the future of healthcare, highlighting “... access, affordability, convenience and excellent care for all." We here at Carehub Coworking® are excited to see what developments will come forth from Yang and everyone else at AWS. As we continue to open medical coworking facilities across the country, we are always looking for revolutionary ways to keep our workspaces equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help physicians in doing what they do best. 

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