Equity + Carehub

Carehub Coworking, LLC was formed as a separate company by executives of Equity, LLC to help independent physicians adapt to unprecedented changes in the healthcare industry.

Physicians are joining together at an unprecedented pace to offer Medical Homes for patients, deliver better outcomes, eliminate waste, negotiate better contracts (now tied to quality and outcomes), and combat rising healthcare costs. Most physicians prefer to stay independent. However, they also fear that they may be left without a chair when the (consolidation) music stops. Carehub® provides independent physicians with the essential tools that they need to help them stay independent.

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The Carehub Mission

Our mission is to bring together value-based primary care providers, specialists, and outpatient service providers in an affordable, integrated outpatient healthcare hub under the icon brand Carehub®, helping them prosper in a trending M&A environment through building referral relationships, collaboration, branding, and capital.

Carehub® and CareHub® Coworking are the next evolution of integrated outpatient healthcare facilities that bring together like-minded, value-based primary care physicians and specialists in a state of the art, coworking environment; saving physicians scarce time and money, and creating a patient experience that is second to none and that can duplicated over multiple markets or submarkets.

In addition, Carehub offers:

  • After-hours urgent care at high traffic/visibility locations
  • Scalability attractive to VC partners
  • Multiple branding opportunities for anchor primary care groups and specialists within markets
  • Hospitals the opportunity to align with expanding referring physician groups and to provide outpatient services for Carehubs

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